Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day +25

Raul had dialysis this morning but they did not pull any fluid as his weight was still okay. It also only ran for 3 hours again. His levels are still getting high, but are trending down, which is great! He will get the day off tomorrow. After dialysis he got to see some players from the Gophers hockey team.

Today we stopped his Fentanyl PCA pump as they were running out of line space, so now he will just get doses as needed without the continuous Narcan that was running with the PCA pump to counteract his itching. Because we stopped the Narcan, we now switched his Benadryl back to just as needed doses so that we can use it around the doses of Fentanyl if we need to. If he seems too uncomfortable without the Fentanyl PCA, we can always try to add it back.

The rash on his abdomen already looked more faint today, but his poor face looks rough. He has all these small blisters and it seems itchy. His whole body has been itchy as well, even where there isn't a rash. We should get the GVHD results on Monday. He has not had any fevers in the past 24 hours, which is great news! He also has not thrown up today! He took a long nap in the afternoon, and since then he has been much more awake and more like himself

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