Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day +21

Dialysis came early this morning, so Raul was up in time for the teacher to come. He was pretty grumpy, but she was able to stay for the full hour of school time, at least. In the later afternoon he had PT, and did surprisingly well for having not napped all day!
Raul's kidney function levels and weight were not too bad, so unless anything wonky happens, the plan is to skip dialysis tomorrow and go back to it on Thursday. Because the GCSF was stopped Raul's WBC/ANC dropped a little, but they were still at good levels. His bilirubin continues to drop (4.5), which is a good indicator that the VOD is improving! He is about halfway through the initial regimen of the medication for the VOD. After 3 weeks they will reassess.

This afternoon we went to a party downstairs with players from the Vikings and food from Chili's. We got to meet the players, meet some of the hospital therapy dogs, see a magician, and get tons of food to bring back upstairs. When he first saw the person in the cowboy costume he said, "hey, man" haha. He also told the football players that he was 6 and asked how old they were. Later there was also a showing of Hotel Transylvania in the auditorium, but Raul didn't want to watch it so I just grabbed a root beer float and we headed back to the room!

WBC: 4.6
ANC: 2.5

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