Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween Raul was a cow, which he was very excited about! We went out a bit late, but went to a neighborhood that was wild, and certainly hadn't slowed down yet! Raul really didn't even want to take the candy, he just wanted to say "Happy Halloween" and moo at people. We think he would have liked it better if it had been lighter so he could have seen the other costumes better. He did keep saying he wanted more houses though!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Debra Event at MoMa

On Thursday night we attended at fundraising event at MoMa for the organization Debra. This year they were honoring families who have adopted children with EB, and we were included in that group! Raul had an adorable bow tie with little blue convertibles, which he was very proud of! It was great to see the other EB families, and take part in the event. Raul was very sleepy, and joined a group of the little ones sleeping in their strollers. He was pleased with our auction winnings though, which included sesame street gear and toys! He slept most of the way home after our busy trip.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New York City

Yesterday morning we drove down to New York City! We came for a Debra fundraising event at MOMA, during which they are honoring families that have adopted children with EB. We walked around a bit yesterday afternoon, and Raul liked seeing all the cars and taxis! Then he started to get fussy while we waited in the lobby to meet some of the other families, and while we had dinner. His legs seem infected, and he was up a lot overnight uncomfortable as well.

This morning my mom took Raul out for a walk while I rested. They went to the Central Park Zoo, and to FAO Shwartz. Raul got a stuffed taxi toy, and they got to ride in a taxi home. Raul is still pretty fussy, so I am hoping he will nap before the event tonight!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Roger Williams Zoo

Today we took Raul to the Roger Williams Zoo for his birthday! We had a lot of fun! Raul loved seeing all the animals, and especially liked the elephants and the seals. He also liked the tortoises, alligator, and some of the birds. Really any of the ones he could see well! We spent a long time watched the elephants get their baths, and then stopped by to see them outside at the end. On our way out we found that they now have an amazing accessible and hands on playground. There were lots of activities children could do, as well as a handicap accessible tree house, and even a wheelchair swing! Raul could definitely have spent a long time there! Then we drove across the park to the carousel, which is one of Raul's favorite things. It was a busy day, but lots of fun!