Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day +8

Raul's lost several clumps of hair today, though it is hard to tell since his hair is so thick! I think in the next day or two we will cut it, as right now it is getting everywhere, including in his bandages.
Nephrology did not want to run dialysis today, and actually thought this morning that he was a bit too low on fluids, so he got a fluid bolus. His weight this morning was down quite a bit from the night before, but tonight he was back to similar as last night, which I believe is good in this case!

Tonight the overnight BMT doctor helped explain the continued increase in his creatinine a bit. He drew a graph, and showed that the jump from say, .5 to 1, is significant. But the jump from say, 2 to 3, is not as significant. He thought Raul would most likely continue to go up a bit before we see him go back down.

As far as his liver/bilirubin levels go, today they were going to look more into if any of his meds. or anything were impacting the liver more. His levels have continued to rise, as has his jaundice. But hopefully once the kidney function improves the bilirubin levels will go down as it will be better filtered.

Raul had a few good chunks of time awake today, and was more verbal/feisty than yesterday. No smiles, but he did tell a few people to go away and/or that he didn't like them, which in this case is good since earlier in the week he seemed almost oblivious to all the nurses and doctors around him! We also got him back into clothes today.

He REALLY didn't want to get up for PT, but we got him onto his floor mats for a couple minutes with a remote control car and stacks of cups to knock over. He had both line dressings changed right before PT, so afterwards he really needed a nap!

We weaned both his oxygen and flow rates down today, and he is tolerating that well. Last night he took the high flow cannula off several times and was doing fine when we noticed, so we figured he was ready to start weaning down! In other good news, he had no visible mouth or GI bleeding today (he did get platelets again this morning)! He is still gagging a bit, but it has calmed down some without the blood.

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