Friday, October 30, 2015

Day +24

Despite having super swollen hands, Raul actually hadn't gained weight overnight! So he still had dialysis, but they only ran for 3 hours, and did not pull off any extra fluid. He will get dialysis again tomorrow and then hopefully be able to skip Sunday again.

Raul had another high fever this morning, 104.6. His rash on his abdomen was about the same, but his face (and a little on his arms) now has tons of tiny blisters in a somewhat rashy area. Dr. Wagner was up touring some hospital benefactors, so came in to take a peek. He did think it could be GVHD, so Raul had a biopsy on his abdomen to check, and in the meantime they started both IV and topical steroids. If it comes back negative and turns out to be viral, then they can just wean the steroids much sooner. 

They also changed around some of his antibiotics and he will be getting clindamycin instead of vanco, as the bacteria that showed from the line culture was susceptible to that and it is easier on the kidneys! We are still playing around with his nausea and itch medications, as those have been pretty big issues lately. 

I realized I hadn't posted his labs yesterday, so will post both today:
3.7 (10/29)
4 (10/30)
2.3 (10/29)
2.8 (10/30)

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  1. trish-64012@att.netOctober 30, 2015 at 9:42 PM

    Caroline, somehow I lost touch with you. Just thinking of you both tonight, and glad I could find you once again !