Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day +19

No school, dialysis, or full bandage change today, so we had a nice relaxing day! We did have to do both his central line dressings though, as when I went to change his shirt one had come totally off and the other was almost off. His regular line appeared to be moving in and out a bit, so we did another x-ray to check the line placement, and luckily it was okay.

Raul had tried to get up at 6 this morning, but thankfully fell back to sleep a little after 7 and slept for a couple more hours! Mid-morning we went out in the hall for 15 minutes, then when we came back to the room Raul opted to stay in his stroller to play on his iPad for a couple more hours! While he doesn't sit totally straight in his stroller, it is much better than sitting on the bed. Late in the afternoon he slept for a few hours, and is now back sitting up in bed. He is still not really up for playing with his toys often, but does play with his iPad and occasionally his toys. PT tried to get him to play with a toy basketball hoop, but he was not impressed by that (he did do the minimum ten throws).

Today was Raul's last day of GCSF as his ANC has been above 2.5 for three days. His bilirubin today was technically slightly higher, but the team said that because of things like fluid shift they consider it to be the same. The medicine they added yesterday seems to be helping, as he did not have any bloody vomit or bloody noses today! No need for blood or platelets today! I was hoping we might get some pee today since he didn't have dialysis, but that hasn't happened yet. They put in orders today for him to get dialysis tomorrow, and then after that we will see if it stays as daily or not. His weight only raised .1kg from his morning weight to evening weight today, which is great!

WBC: 7.2
ANC: 4
*Both within normal range*

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  1. Raul I'm loving those stripey pants you're wearing! They're awesome!