Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day +18

Raul had dialysis this morning. They pulled his weight down more than they had planned, but since he will not have dialysis tomorrow I guess that gives him more space to gain weight before it becomes problematic. He got two units of blood during dialysis as his Hemoglobin at the start was down to 6.7. He vomited blood once last night and twice this morning, which likely contributed to it being so low. He also got a bloody nose this morning, but it went away after I held pressure to it for a while. This afternoon he threw up two more times, but now the blood looks old, which is a good sign. It is possible that the blood he is throwing up came from his nose, but we can't tell for sure.

He got platelets last night and will again tonight, but he is also being started on a new medication to make the platelets work better due to the bleeding. It is possible that the bleeding is from the medication for his VOD, but at the moment it is not severe enough for them to want to stop that medication. If the bleeding continues they will have to consider stopping it. His bilirubin was down to 5.8 today, so it is continuing to decrease. His WBC and ANC are looking good, and they are only planning on giving him one more day of GCSF.

WBC: 4.9
ANC: 3.5

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