Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day +1

Raul had a rough day. He seems to have started to have mucositis, so is having trouble talking and swallowing. The amount of saliva/mucus is also making him gag/vomit more, so we are venting his g-tube other than when giving meds. and using suction for his mouth when he gets too much mucus. While sleeping he has had times of breathing fast and retracting/nasal flaring, but his oxygen has remained good, so we are just watching it. The doctor tonight thought it sounded more like upper airway inflammation (from the mucositis) than the lungs, so if it gets worse we can try steroids. We are also going to give him a dose of pain medicine as the mucositis can be quite painful. 

He is still having fevers on and off, as well as high blood pressure, and his eyes are bloodshot from all the gagging. His face and hands got super red last night, but they are finally looking more normal this evening. He has gotten lasix several times today, as he got so much fluid yesterday with the transplant. 

Raul slept a lot again today, but did get up briefly for PT and we got to see some smiles (he got to shoot an air rocket at paper cup towers!). He also met his teacher this morning, and impressed her with his beginning reading skills! I think he will like having "school" once he is feeling a bit better. He also got a new truck book from the lady that brings around books.

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