Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day +22

Raul got the day off from dialysis today! His weight was still pretty good for him, and his labs were high but good enough to wait one more day. He will likely need dialysis Thursday-Saturday, and then we can hopefully skip Sunday.

I found out last night that one of his blood cultures from just one lumen the day before had come back positive. Because of this, they gave him one dose of vanco last night. Vanco is pretty tough on the kidneys, and due to his kidney function his vanco level was high after just one dose so he did not get any more today (yesterday's dose is still effective). We had to use vanco as it would be one of the only options if his current antibiotics were not effective against the bacteria. Luckily all cultures done since the positive one was taken are showing as negative, so it may have just been a skin contaminate.

We also found out today that one of his old viruses has been reactivated by the transplant process (the virus that causes roseola), but we do not need to do anything about it at this time. They will check a level weekly to monitor it. If he was to become symptomatic it could cause a fever and rash.

This morning Raul got to see a state trooper and Smokey the Bear. He put on his police hat to see them, and got a goodie bag, which was exciting! He also did well with school this morning. They did a bit of math, some reading, and some matching. He did OT in the afternoon and played a few games, but wasn't too happy about stretching his arms. This evening my mom brought over a huge stack of birthday presents that were from the Ronald McDonald House staff! Raul was very excited to have another set of presents to open!

WBC: 4.3
ANC: 2.8

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