Monday, October 26, 2015

Day +20

Raul slept in this morning, so did not do school. Though we did have to get him up shortly after that to be weighed for dialysis. His kidney function numbers had not jumped quite as high as I thought they might, which was good news. His weight was pretty high, but luckily today they didn't bring him quite as low during dialysis. The best news was that during dialysis he peed! I think he peed more in that one diaper than he had the past week combined! He will have dialysis tomorrow, and then we will decide about Wednesday on Wednesday morning.

His bilirubin went down again (5.7/4.8), and WBC/ANC went up, so all good news! If not for the kidney/liver issues he would probably be being discharged, but given those complications (and his recurring fevers), we likely have at least a couple more weeks inpatient. He is definitely starting to look less yellow, which is good. We re-started his formula today at 5ml an hour to help both his GI system and his liver. They had to stop his lipids last night as his triglycerides got really high, so hopefully we will be able to increase his formula later this week and not even need the lipids added back.

Tonight we went downstairs to a Halloween party where we got to decorate two cupcakes, make a pumpkin craft, and Raul got to pick out a new blanket (with vehicles of course). It was nice to get out of the room, although Raul really doesn't like wearing the mask so that made him a little grumpy. There is another event tomorrow night, so we will probably go down again!

WBC: 8.8
ANC: 6.7

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