Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day -2

Today was Raul's last day of chemo and ATG! He has been having a rough time with the ATG, so I am glad it is over, and the doctor said there is a good chance the side effects will go away 24 hours after this last dose. He did also say that at least we know it is doing its job, as he had 0 lymphocytes this morning on his labs. His WBC had dropped from 8.5 to 2.2 in the past 24 hours, and his ANC had dropped from 8.4 to 2.2. He will likely continue to drop over the next couple days, but for this protocol children do not necessarily get down to 0. 

This morning he was up from 4-5am with a high fever and vomiting. Thankfully he did end up going back to sleep for another two hours after that episode! He took one shorter nap midday, and then is currently taking a longer nap. He did get up this morning to play on his play mat with his vehicles and pretend snow for a little while. 

He is still gagging a lot, and we haven't been running formula for a while now, so they said they are going to start TPN until he can better tolerate his formula. He is also going to start a blood pressure medication as he has had a bunch of high blood pressures. That is likely due to the ATG, but one of the other immunosuppressant medications he will continue to take has a similar side effect, so they thought it was still worth starting. 

This morning my sister ran the Twin Cities Marathon 10 mile race along with some other members of team EBRP! She had a great race, and the team as a whole has raised about 25k for the EBRP!
Tomorrow Raul will have radiation (we don't have a time yet), and then Tuesday is his transplant!

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  1. Caroline, I want you to know that Raul is never far from my mind! I'm praying for a successful transplant for him! Sending a virtual hug his way...<3