Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day +9

Raul's kidney numbers were a little higher today, but Nephrology thought that was actually because he was a little dehydrated yesterday. They expect they may go up for another day or two, and then they should go down. He may not need dialysis again. Raul's bilirubin continues to increase. Today he had a repeat abdominal ultrasound and luckily his kidneys and liver all showed no change from the previous ultrasounds. This is good news, but also leaves us in limbo a bit with the liver issues.

Today we took Raul off the high flow oxygen during the day, and will put him back on for the night. Last night he was pulling it off constantly, so it was a relief to be able to leave it off today. He did great, no problems breathing. 

Raul's hair was continuing to fall out in clumps, and getting everywhere including in his bandages, so we buzzed it this afternoon. He had a few small wounds on his head, so it is a little patchy in spots, but better! His head tends to get super sweaty, so it will probably feel nice to get some air on it.
Raul was much more awake today, and even told his nurse a few of his jokes! He still napped during the day, but not for as long, and when he was awake he was much more talkative and interactive. He was still not happy to have to get up for OT, but he did it!


Raul's eyes have gotten very yellow from the high bilirubin

Sleeping comfortably

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