Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day +11

Today Raul's WBC was .7 and ANC was .6! If his ANC stays above .5 for three consecutive days he will be allowed to go in the hall with a mask. We are hoping that we will be able to go walk around the halls on Monday for his birthday! 

Raul was supposed to get dialysis today, but his line was too sluggish to complete it. The first time they tried it only ran for 15 minutes before alarming, so they put TPA in his line and waited 45 minutes. The second time it lasted 1.5 hours before alarming, and at that point they put in TPA to leave overnight and called it a day. It was supposed to run for 4 hours, so they may try again tomorrow. If not, they will definitely do it on Monday. 

Today his bilirubin was 11 (normal range .2-1.3). His BUN was 132 (normal range 9-22) and his creatinine was 3.76 (normal range .15-.53). We are hoping to see these turn around soon! He also got two platelet transfusions today, one in the morning and one in the evening because his mouth had been bleeding pretty continuously today. He got a partial blood transfusion during the dialysis, but not enough to have made much of a difference in his numbers since they were not able to run it all.

The good news is he had a chest x-ray and his dialysis line is still in the correct position, so hopefully it will work next time we try! It would have been a huge bummer if we had only gotten one use out of the line (with dialysis they have to replace it if it slips at all). The x-ray also showed an improvement in his lungs from the last one, which is great! His breathing sounds and looks good, and he only wore the high flow part of last night.

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  1. Thinking of you both! Caroline, a little surprise will be coming in the mail for Raul, I hope it makes him smile. :)