Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day +2

I don't have any photos from today, so am posting a video from the week before his chemo started. This is Raul's most recent favorite joke. "What train has a cold?" "Ah ah ah ahchoo choo train"

The mucositis is really awful. He has shed most of the lining of his mouth, and presumably his throat as well as that hurt before his mouth did. It is also causing some upper airway inflammation and congestion. He seemed to be handling his saliva a bit better today, but can't really talk. He now has a Fentanyl PCA pump to use for the pain, and we are going to try to put some sort of artificial saliva product on his tongue as it is getting pretty dried out in the front.

Today his kidney function was mildly decreased, so they changed around some of his meds. in order to discontinue or decrease those that are hard on the kidneys. His weight was up about 1kg since yesterday, but they didn't want to stress his kidneys more by flushing out too much of the fluid, so he hasn't gotten as much Lasix today.

The good news is he hasn't had diarrhea in two days, did not vomit today (and only gagged after his morning meds.), and his highest fever was in the 101s! Most of his meds. have been switched over to IV, so his IV pole has gotten quite full (they had to put the PCA pump on the back), but I'm hoping soon he will be able to tolerate more in his stomach again! He still slept most of the day, but sat up on and off to play on his iPad and for a few minutes with the teacher. 

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