Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwing Snowballs

Today is almost 50 degrees, so Raul and I went outside for a little while. Raul has talked about throwing snowballs a few times, so today I made some for him, and he had a great time throwing them! He laughed so hard when they hit the ground! He also loves his new medical stroller, which we got to help support his legs, as he often won't/can't bend them. The leg rest is adjustable, but he likes it all the way up most of the time.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

We went to Rockport this weekend and had a Valentine's Day party for Raul! He had missed going to school on Valentine's Day because there was a delay due to snow, and he only goes in the morning. He was VERY excited about his party! We put up decorations, and he got heart glasses and a red necklace. We were supposed to get a huge snow storm, but it ended up mostly just being super windy, and we only got about two inches of snow. It was enough for us to go out with Raul's new sled, though! Raul loved sledding, and went out twice, but each just for a few minutes because it was so cold. Raul even sat with us in a restaurant when we went out to lunch! We haven't even tried this in a long time as before he would just scream, but he did great this time (with a new toy!).

Both nights were really hard, tough. He was up almost the entire night both nights, with lots of screaming and crying. It was hard to tell what was wrong, but it seemed to be at least partially due to pain and itching. Raul's legs have been getting worse, and we cannot find any local doctors willing to try artificial grafts for them. I am hoping the doctor we see in March will be willing! We are also trying to find a pain medication that works for him, as all the narcotics we have tried just make him super itchy and angry/fussy.



Saturday, February 8, 2014


Raul had labs done a few weeks ago, and is in need of another iron infusion, but we are waiting a few weeks as his hematologist thinks she is making progress in getting our insurance to improve another infusion/injection that should help his anemia

My last foster baby has been in the hospital for almost two months now, and Raul loves going to visit! He asks frequently to go see her, and seems to like hanging out there!

Today we went to a kids concert. Raul was overwhelmed at first by the noise, but he liked seeing one of the bands in the hallway when we were watching from afar! We had to get their CD, as they have a song about fire trucks!

Raul putting his hands in the air along with the song

You never know how you will find him sleeping. Here he has his blanket as well as three stuffed animals!

Raul got an awesome new blanket wit cars on it from Binkeez for Comfort, and he was VERY excited about it!