Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Raul Binkeez

Today a new blanket was dedicated to Raul; each of the patterns that Binkeez uses is dedicated to someone. We had been hoping a new car/truck fabric would come available, and recently it did! At the beginning of the book launch event two new blankets were dedicated, and Raul's was one of them. Susan gave a very kind speech, and then had me come up to be presented with the blanket by the Binkeez volunteers. It is their tradition when giving a parent a blanket to wrap it around their shoulders. My dad was able to get a video of part of the speech, as well as some photos:

The ABC's of Love Book Launch

Soon after we came home I was asked if Raul could be part of a book that a friend was writing. This friend was Susan Posterro, the founder of Binkeez for Comfort, who we had met several years earlier through another charity. Susan wrote a wonderful story of love and kindness, featuring an alphabet where each letter represented a different child she had come to know through her work. Raul was to be letter 'R'!

Today was the book launch for her book, The ABC's of Love. The day started with a reception for the families at the Binkeez headquarters. Susan wanted all the families to be able to have time to see the books and their child's illustration before the main event. It was nice to be able to see their work space and learn about the organization and how they make the Binkeez. I was also able to spot both the new blanket being dedicated to Raul, as well as the one used for the program at the UofM for EB children undergoing transplant, which we had gotten started earlier in the year. There was profile of the MN program with Raul's photo in the annual report, as well! We also got to meet some of the other families, which was nice.

Then we headed to the library for the book launch. We were able to meet some of the Binkeez volunteers, as well as the publisher, editor, and illustrator of the book. One of the first parts of this even was two new blanket dedications, one of which was Raul's! There were several speeches and introductions, and it was great to hear more of the story behind both the organization and the book. Then the editor read the book, and it was fun to hear it for the first time.

To purchase the book, go here:

This dinosaur fabric will be used for blankets that will go to MN

Finished products packaged and ready for MN!

 The Raul binkeez are on the top left

Raul's illustration

Cookie with an image of the book cover

The annual report page about the MN program

Library displays

 Raul's page!

Reading of Raul's page