Saturday, March 24, 2012

Raul's New Coat

My grandmother sent a coat for Raul that a friend had made. It also came with a matching hat and teddy bear. The buttons on it are very cute (one car, one plane, and one train). So we went out this morning and took some pictures!

Check out the post below to see pictures from Raul's hospital stay...


Raul is home! He was able to get a blood transfusion in the hospital, which helped him feel a bit better. He also took a couple different antibiotics, and will be continuing with one for two more weeks. His fevers have gone away, and his pain is under better control, which is reassuring! They also did an x-ray of his knee while we were there since he has been having so much pain there, but there were no signs of bone infection, which is great news! We had a much better experience this time around at the hospital, and everyone was very nice to Raul. We are only struggling with one department, but it sounds like we will have a better experience with one of their outpatient doctors. I am still working on getting all the vaseline out of his hair that got in while he was in the hospital. Even dish soap hasn't gotten it all out!

Before we went into the hospital

In the ER

Cuddle time

Watching TV in bed

Vaseline mowhawk!

His mood improved a bit when they got him mats so he could play on the floor

Happy to be home!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Raul was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He had been having high fevers since Friday, so his doctor had us come in to the ER. We believe he has some skin infections, but luckily not a blood infection. His labs also indicated that it was time for another blood transfusion, so that should be happening tonight. However, now he has another fever, so we have had to put the transfusion on hold. Hopefully it will either happen later tonight, or in the morning. Since he does still have a fever 24 hours after starting two antibiotics, the doctors are talking again to Infectious Disease about if there are any other medications they should add for him. We have also been addressing his pain, which has increased recently. He is on a new pain medicine, and we are working up to a dose that will make him more comfortable.

After getting his IV last night. He had to get a new one this afternoon as the first one slipped out during his bath.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Moved In!

Yesterday was our big move in day! My dad and sister loaded and unloaded the UHAUL, while my mom and I moved furniture in the apartment to the right places and organized. Lots of work, but it is looking pretty put together already! We were all exhausted last night! Today we did some grocery shopping, picked up some items we had forgotten, and cleaned up from yesterday (we still had all the giant furniture boxes). We also went to the playground late morning, as it was so nice out. Raul was a little shy, but enjoyed talking to a couple kids, watching everyone play, and eventually scooting up the play structure (it had ramps)!

Raul thought it was really funny last night to shut himself in the den/study and make faces through the glass door!

When my dad was setting up the stand to the TV, Raul went over and wanted to help use the screwdriver

Raul's new toy shelf!

Concentrating hard while scooting on the play structure

We drove a car back and forth on it for a while, too

Laughing at kids being funny while playing

Standing up like a big boy!

He blew a lot of kisses at the other kids

Going down the slide

On top of the play structure

Playing in a tunnel

More kisses

Going down the slide in the "baby" playground

Rocking on a rocker toy

He likes his stroller

Raul is so smart. When we were getting ready to go outside, he started playing with the flashlight we had just bought. He was purposely shining it right in his eyes for a while, then reached over and grabbed his sun glasses, put them on, and kept playing his game!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miscellaneous Pictures

Playing with Teddy's tail


Wearing his snuggly dog blanket

chess piece bow tie and moustache

happy boy!

Last night was sick with a very high fever, but he is doing much better today!