Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day +16

Raul finally slept last night, though continued to talk a lot in his sleep. He was still grumpy most of the day, but then suddenly this evening he perked up a lot. He was talking to the nurses and being silly, which was great to see!

His bilirubin was down again today to 6.8/5.8. He is starting to look slightly less yellow already!
Raul got another chest CT this morning due to his persistent fevers. He really doesn't like going down for tests. Luckily they did not see any infection and his lungs looked better than they had on his last CT (when he was needing the high flow oxygen). 

He had dialysis this afternoon because he still isn't peeing (though his numbers are improving and he hasn't been puffy). We only did 3 hours instead of 4, which was nice. He will have it again tomorrow morning as well. He got a blood transfusion during his dialysis and is getting platelets now as he was low even last night and his mouth and his g-tube stoma were starting to bleed quite a bit. 

WBC: 3.6
ANC: 2.4

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