Saturday, November 22, 2014

Magic Kingdom

Today was our final day at Disney! We did a full day at the Magic Kingdom (Raul lasted from when we left the hotel at about 9 until when we got back at around 6:30!). Our first stop was a Pooh and friends character breakfast within the park. Raul liked getting to meet with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. And with the weather being questionable today, we were glad to have a chance to meet with some of the characters inside since the characters seem to have been his favorite part of the trip! We did end up getting Raul a poncho to keep his bandages from getting soaked during the rest of our day since I had changed them last night, but it only rained hard a few times luckily!

This time he was really into the rides, especially the Speedway and Small World. There is a pink camel in Small World (one of his favorite animals), and we had to ride it multiple times to see it! We also found a giant gold camel by the Aladdin ride, and two camels on a circus train sculpture in the circus area. We went on almost all the rides I had thought he would like. We did the "Jingle" Cruise, which we had not done the night of the Christmas party, and which he liked. They change up their jokes and add decorations around the ride to make it Christmas themed. The only ride we did that he thought was too scary was the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, which we did the night of the party. He saw it, and was convinced he would like it, but then thought it was too fast (he liked the part within the mine, though). Overall, he did much prefer Disney rides to general carnival/theme park rides.

We also saw two showings of the Main Street dance party (which was just a parade today as it was raining on and off, so they didn't stop by the castle), and the big parade in the afternoon. They do a great job of giving special attention to children in the wheelchair seating, so Raul had MANY characters coming up to him to dance and give high fives during the big parade! Despite the rain on and off, we had a very successful day at the park!



Friday was our Legoland day! Raul is fairly obsessed with Lego, so was very excited for this park. He was not interested in doing rides that day, but enjoyed walking around, seeing all the Lego sculptures, and watching some of the rides. We also went to two shows: a comedic fire academy acrobatics show and a pirate themed water ski show. He really liked their indoor area where you could build your own cars and race them down various tracks. He also got to meet two Lego characters, including his favorite: Emmet! They had sculptures of some of his favorite animals too, which includes camels and giraffes!

Mickey's Christmas Party

Thursday night we went to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Christmas Party. It was a sold out night, so crowded, but we had a good time. We went in at 4 to do some rides and meet characters before the party started at 7. Raul was a bit overwhelmed at first since he had not really known what to expect, but he liked a few of the rides and got to meet Pooh/Tigger. We had to get seats for the parade very early since it was crowded, but the parade was worth it! A few characters came over to see Raul during the parade, and Santa even yelled down specifically to Raul! After that we stopped in briefly at one of the character dance parties, then went to see the talking Mickey. Raul was a little surprised by the talking Mickey since that was the first time we had seen him, but he liked him! We stayed long enough to watch the fireworks as we headed to the exit, and watched the end of the show from down by the bus stop. Raul was a bit scared of fireworks after the 4th of July, but he liked these ones! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Character Breakfast

This morning we went to a character breakfast at the Four Seasons, which was great! It was very slow there today, which meant that we got to see the characters many times. Once again, they were all great with him, as were the other restaurant staff. Raul was a little overwhelmed by the occasional short dance breaks, but did participate! Tonight we will be going to Mickey's Christmas party at the Magic Kingdom, which we are quite excited about! We tried to get Raul to nap, but he is too excited and just talking non-stop in bed!

Overwhelmed, but doing the napkin dance!


Transportation Day

Yesterday was originally supposed to be our Legoland day, but we found out the night before that they would be closed, so we had to switch that to Friday. So yesterday ended up being our day to ride all the various Disney transportation! We rode multiple monorails and boats, and today we will add the bus too. For lunch we went to the TREX restaurant. It was a bit overwhelming, but Raul enjoyed it, and it was fun to see. He is a big fan of the dino hat they gave him, and wanted to wear it to breakfast again today. That was in Downtown Disney, so we walked around a few stores. Raul liked the LEGO sculptures outside the LEGO store, and he got to get Chip and Dale stuffed animals since they have been his favorite! For dinner we stayed within the hotel, and Raul did an amazing job sitting quietly through a long dinner. Yesterday and today have been a bit warmer, and today it seems that all the animals are back outside at our hotel. They also put up their Christmas decorations and giant Christmas tree overnight, which was fun to see this morning!



Pointing out the castle from the boat