Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day +4

Raul got a second double lumen line for dialysis placed yesterday morning. Because of the fluid his eyes could only open a slit, his hands were swollen, belly was swollen, and he has some fluid in his lungs (for the past 24 hours he has needed the nasal cannula to get his o2 high enough). The doctor said she hopes we won't have to do dialysis for long, we just need to get him peeing out more of the fluid on his own. For now his intake has to be restricted so it doesn't keep building up.
Setting up the dialysis took a long time, especially because we were having no luck getting the ecg leads to read. Eventually we got that sorted out, and were able to start. The dialysis took 4 hours, and at the end his weight was down 1kg! That is 2.2 pounds! His abdomen and face are much less swollen, and his hands are less swollen but will take longer to go down because of his bandages. He is still working harder than normal to breathe, but it is better than it was yesterday morning, and we have started turning his oxygen down. Hopefully he will start peeing more so that we won't have to do this for too long!

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