Monday, October 19, 2015

Day +13

Today was Raul's 6th birthday! We were up most of the night last night as he was throwing up a lot after we increased his formula, so he was pretty tired today. Luckily he was still excited for his birthday in the morning! 

We did our family presents first, and while we were playing a group of about a dozen doctors and nurses came in to sing happy birthday and give Raul presents/a balloon! We were a little nervous, as he sometimes gets upset about being sung to, but he did great. He was very friendly to the doctors today, and thanked them many times for the presents! We also signed up with Nick Jr.'s Birthday Club for him to get a call from Blaze, which he was very excited about (he also had a Blaze cake)! 

After playing he napped, and then we took him for a walk in the hall! His ANC was over .5 for the third day in a row, so he was allowed out of his room with either a mask or the stroller rain cover. He was apprehensive about going out after being in his room for 3 weeks, but we made a couple loops. We also got to see Vanessa and Anton! 

Raul was exhausted after his busy day, so went to sleep after that and has been napping since! He will most likely have dialysis again tomorrow as he hasn't been peeing much and because they have added more protein to his TPN, which will raise his BUN. He is back up to 10ml an hour for his formula, and I think we will stay at 10ml for a while as long as he tolerates it. His bilirubin was up slightly today, but hopefully that will turn around in the next few days. The doctors continue to be impressed with how good Raul looks/how he is acting!

WBC: 1.3
ANC: 1

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