Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day +14

Raul had dialysis this morning and all went well. He will likely have dialysis daily temporarily until he starts making more urine. His weight went down a full kilo/2.2 pounds by the end! We tried to give a blood transfusion during the dialysis, but he spiked a high fever so they stopped it as it could have been a reaction to the blood. He had one good wet diaper during it, and the nephrologist was super excited; said he made her day! Who knew how exciting a wet diaper could be! He dropped off again the rest of the day, but that isn't unexpected since they pulled so much fluid. He had another kidney ultrasound today, but I haven't heard the results yet. 

His bilirubin was finally down today! The doctors expect it will still fluctuate a bit over the next few days, but we were all relieved that he is not continuing to steadily increase. The two bilirubin levels (total and direct) were 12.5 and 10.5 yesterday, and 8.3/7.2 today.

We have completely stopped his formula again to give his gi tract a break. We think he is likely having delayed emptying in his stomach, so the formula was building up all day and making him super nauseated all night. This is a common issue after transplant. We have slept less than an hour at a time the past two nights, so I am hopeful this will help! He actually still threw up and retched a lot today, even without the formula, but hopefully it will improve soon.

He was awake all but a few minutes today, I think in part because he was so nauseated. But he was actually excited to do PT today! He talked about the game he wanted to play all day and kept asking when he could play it. He was telling Nephrology that they could go so he could play, and asking to call on the call button to say he was ready, but unfortunately he had to wait until after dialysis!

WBC: 1.6
ANC: 1.2

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