Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day +26

Raul had a good day today! This morning he got down to play in his new fire station tent and was more interactive with his toys than I have seen since before his transplant! He also scooted himself in and out of the tent, and I have not seen him scoot in a long time either. After that he napped for 5 hours, and slept very peacefully. Now that he is feeling a bit better, he is actually sleeping more, we think because he just felt too gross to sleep before. I am glad that he is getting more rest, because then he is more happy when he is awake! After his nap he was even up for one round of a board game, and tonight he was very talkative!

Raul's skin already looks a bit better today from the rash/blisters, but we still have not gotten the results from the biopsy. He is also now on his second day of no fevers and no vomiting! His counts (WBC/ANC) dropped a little more, but the doctors were still very pleased with how high they are. He did need platelets this morning and then blood this afternoon. 

Raul's weight was up today, but his renal labs weren't too bad, so they still let him have the day off from dialysis! After I saw his weight I was worried they would change their minds, as he would have been very upset to not get his day off. They did further restrict some of his fluids and he will definitely get dialysis tomorrow.

WBC: 2.6
ANC: 1.9

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