Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 0

After three weeks in the hospital, today was transplant day! Hard to believe we are finally here since we have been looking into the BMT since before Raul even came to the U.S.!

Raul had a high fever this morning, and on and off throughout the day. He vomited a lot when he woke up, so they switched more of his meds. over to IV and are giving a scheduled nausea med. as well as the as needed doses. His WBC this morning was down to .1.

Child life decorated Raul's room with streamers in his favorite color. He got several presents, but you could tell he really felt awful as he didn't get as excited as he normally would. No one knew a time for his transplant, so we just played and napped until the cells arrived!

His transplant started at 12:30, and lasted until just after 3pm. He had a huge bag of cells, which apparently was only half of what was sent over. The rest will be saved in case he were to need a boost later on. Raul requested to give his "red medicine" a kiss before it started! He didn't have any issues with the transplant, but pretty much slept the rest of the day after it started.

Tonight at 7pm he got a bag of MSC cells, which were from a different donor, and that infusion only lasted about 15 minutes. The odd thing about that one is that it gives off a smell like creamed corn from the preservatives. I didn't notice the smell at first, but then it became pretty strong and I can still smell it anytime I am next to him! That infusion made his face and hands super red, but he had no other side effects. He was awake during this one and stayed awake for a little while afterwards watching a movie and playing on his iPad, but tired pretty quickly. With this infusion he had to have his vitals taken every 15 minutes for two hours.

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