Sunday, July 29, 2012

Florida Bound

Raul had one of his happiest days ever today! He LOVED the airport and the plane ride. He talked and played the whole time. He has also decided that he loves watching Nascar racing (we flew Jetblue). He napped for a few minutes on the hotel shuttle, then was happy again when we got to the hotel! After a break in the room we ventured out to walk around and have dinner. He started getting a bit fussy then after the long day, and was shy meeting some other families. Even though the conference doesn't start until tomorrow, a lot of families are already here. I have never seen so many EB kids in one place! We got to meet a few, but I don't think Raul understands that they have the same condition as him. We may venture to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow before the conference starts...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dreamnight at the Zoo

Tonight the Franklin Park Zoo had a special even for families with special needs members called Dreamnight at the Zoo! It was a free event, and was attended by tons of families from the area. I have never seen so many tiny wheelchairs in one spot, Raul fit right in! We walked the whole zoo, and Raul's favorites were the birds and monkeys. In the monkey house he even wheeled himself around a little! He wasn't a huge fan of the carousel (but stopped crying once it started moving) or the dinosaur park! We got to meet a few families that I have talked to online which was neat. Raul is now sleeping soundly after his busy evening!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This Week's Videos

Raul was exhausted after his tests Friday and fell asleep while playing

Raul's cry with his airway inflammation

Raul being silly and showing he knows his animal sounds

Picture Update