Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day +15

Raul had dialysis again this morning, though they didn't take off much fluid as his weight was still pretty low from yesterday. His blood pressure has been a bit higher, which the doctor said may be a good sign that his body is pulling extra fluid from places it was accumulating back into his veins. They will be deciding day to day on the dialysis, but he needs to start peeing more before he will get a break from it. 

His bilirubin was down again today, which was a great sign that the Defibrotide is working for the VOD! Today his total bilirubin was 7.3, and direct was 6.3. He still has a ways to go before going into the normal range, but he is trending in the right direction! His WBC and ANC also continue to go in the right direction (up), which should help him in recovering from the complications he has had.

We think that the dialysis was filtering out more of his medicines than we thought, and that that is contributing to him not sleeping. He has not slept more than an hour at a time in three days, and yesterday/last night barely slept at all. So this morning he was super exhausted and irritable, but still refusing to sleep. When the doctors rounded we decided to give him a dose of Ativan and he finally slept on and off for the afternoon (talking in his sleep most of the time). I am hoping tonight will be better! 

WBC: 2.5
ANC: 1.5

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