Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day +12

They came for dialysis bright and early this morning at 7:30, so we had to wake Raul up to weigh him. Thankfully the line worked today and we got all four hours done. We should be able to take tomorrow off, and then if he needs it again they will do it Tuesday. Before dialysis his BUN was 100 and Creatine was 3.05. Tonight his BUN was 33 and Creatine was 1.5, so hopefully he won't shoot back up too quickly! 

Raul got a blood transfusion this morning, as his Hgb was down to 7.5. His mouth has been bleeding a lot this afternoon/evening, and dialysis can eat some of the platelets, so he will be getting platelets later too. 

The attending always calls Raul a "rockstar" when she comes in, and he really is! He is up and doing a lot more than they would expect based on his numbers. He got out of bed for a while this afternoon, but wasn't too interested in doing PT. He did play a little Hyperdash and made some slam dunks in the basketball hoop, though. He almost always wants to sit up while in bed, which is great! 

The only nap he took today was during the second half of the dialysis mid-morning, he stayed awake all afternoon! He felt pretty awful in the afternoon, and threw up several times, but that does seem to be his hardest time of day. We are increasing his formula by 5ml every 12 hours as he tolerates. While he did throw up in the afternoon, it wasn't more times than he already was throwing up before the formula increased, so we kept it going. Tonight he is now up to 15ml an hour, and his goal is 45. We are hoping to get him off TPN as soon as possible since that is hard on the liver!

Today's Counts:
WBC: .7
ANC: .5

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