Monday, November 30, 2015

Days +54/+55

Raul has needed GCSF several times now due to his ANC being at 1 or below. The doctors think this is most likely being caused by the anti-viral medication he is on, but unfortunately he has to be on that for another three weeks. They assume that his counts will return to normal after that medication is stopped. There are other possibilities that would be more difficult to treat, but right now they think it is just due to the medication he needs to treat his CMV. 

Sunday Raul got a platelet transfusion overnight, and a blood transfusion during the day. His weight was up, but his BUN was pretty good, and we were still able to skip dialysis. He seemed to be needing his blow by oxygen more, which may have been in part due to the excess fluid weight. We did get him to sit up a couple times, and to go on a very brief walk in his stroller. He mostly wants to just rest, but his spirits did seem a bit better.

Today he got up for PT and actually did really well despite a 104.9 fever and a high heart rate! His fevers have been high, and not responding as well to tylenol, but that is about all he can have for them. He had dialysis today, though his weight still wasn't up due to all the diarrhea (we think). We are now replacing half of what he loses with IV fluids so that he doesn't get dehydrated. We also cut his feeds back to 35, which is still high enough that we do not need to restart TPN, but low enough that it may make a little difference for his GI issues. We are also getting the "big gun" butt paste as his skin is really starting to break down there from the diarrhea.

They think one of the medications for the BK virus might be worsening the diarrhea, and that dose was cut down a little today, so hopefully we will see some improvement. That same medication can also raise his bilirubin again, and we have seen a bit of an increase, so I am hoping that will go back down now too. We did test for c diff. again today, and that was still negative, which is good! 

We also have started to decorate for Christmas!

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