Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day +43/Day +44

The past couple days have been pretty boring, which is good! Yesterday Raul got dialysis in the morning, and did OT in the afternoon. Today he got to skip dialysis, but did PT and had a bandage change. Other than that he has mostly been resting, but playing a little too!

Raul's Defibrotide went on hold last Saturday due to bleeding, and today they decided to just stop it altogether. He is not having signs of VOD right now, and he is well past the initial 21 day course. They also stopped his antibiotic (but left his antiviral and antifungals), as there was a chance it could be causing fevers. He has been stable despite continued high fevers, so we will just watch him closely for any signs of bacterial infection. We are also going to cut back a bit on his anti-nausea medications to try to eliminate any meds. that could possibly be causing issues.

He continues to have fevers in the 104 range at least once a day. However, all his line cultures continue to be negative, and his GI biopsies did not show GVHD or infection. Since we did not notice an improvement in his GI symptoms when he wasn't eating, he is now allowed to have his yogurt again and we have restarted his g-tube feeds (currently at 10 ml/hr).

4.9 (11/18)
5.3 (11/19)
3.2 (11/18)
3.7 (11/19)


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