Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day +45

Raul's kidney function labs took a big jump today, which nephrology now thinks was because we increased his g-tube feeds but his TPN/Lipids had not been decreased so he got extra protein. So he had 3 hours of dialysis today and will have 3 hours tomorrow. They also think he has legitimately gained some weight, so they will not be pulling him down quite as low during dialysis. He will have an ultrasound next Monday to check how his kidneys are doing.

Raul had more bleeding from his nose this afternoon, so he got platelets. Our good news of the day was that his CMV viral level went down this week! He also did a good job drinking his thickened liquids with speech therapy today, and he will have a swallow study next Tuesday to make sure things look good on the inside as well. He will also have a repeat chest CT next week to see how his lungs are looking. Raul's fevers today were not as high as yesterday, which was great! 

This video is from a few days ago, the video is saying "if you're happy and you know it stomp your wheels". He got pretty into it, but I only got a few seconds on video! 

WBC: 4
ANC: 2.4

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