Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day +28

Today they drew blood to check Raul's engraftment, and we will get those results in a few days! Raul's bilirubin today was down to 2; so close to normal! We still don't have a definitive answer about his biopsy/rash. Today derm. said it looked more viral/medication reaction related to the pathologist, but they were waiting to have one more person review it before saying for sure.

Raul had dialysis early this morning. We only ran for 3 hours, but they drew off about 1kg/2.2lbs of fluid! His kidney labs weren't as bad today as they have been some days, so hopefully we are in a good spot for skipping tomorrow. The past two weeks we have skipped Sundays and Wednesdays, and are planning the same for this week. The hope is that we can skip at least one more day per week before switching to outpatient dialysis!

Yes, I said outpatient! There is a chance Raul could be discharged as early as next week, but we will see how everything progresses. The past two days we have been switching more of his medications over from IV to g-tube in preparation for discharge. He will still have some IV meds. to do outpatient, but hopefully not too many. And the social worker said that if we are doing dialysis outpatient, we most likely won't have to go up to clinic. They will check all his labs down there, and then send down a provider to meet with us in the dialysis center, which would be nice.

Raul had another good day. He did well with school and OT. We even walked outside for a few minutes, but after an issue with his pole tipping we came back in. Luckily now we were able to clear out some of the pumps off his pole since more medicines were switched to oral! Raul took a nap in the afternoon, and is now up playing iPad and chatting away!

WBC: 5
ANC: 3.7

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