Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day +30

Because they took him off the steroids last night, Raul was also able to stop one of his antibiotics. Another will be stopped tomorrow. And as he is now on day +30 he also got to stop his MMF! He got platelets this morning and blood during dialysis.

We had been hoping to try to skip dialysis today, but ended up doing it in the afternoon. We will hopefully skip tomorrow instead to keep with doing it every other day. His weight had gone up a lot, so they had to pull over 1kg of fluid during dialysis. Luckily we still only had to do a 3 hour run, though!

Raul was super chatty and happy most of today, though tonight his throat seems to be bothering him a bit and his mouth has either some mucus or some of the lining shedding again. He had a really hard time during OT, so we are going to start giving pain medicine before therapies and see if that helps. We are also working on figuring out a pain medicine that he can be discharged with.

WBC: 3.7
ANC: 2.4
Bilirubin: 1.6!

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