Monday, November 2, 2015

Day +27

Raul had another good day! He cooperated well for school, and was even pretty talkative to the nurses/doctors. He played in his tent again, then when he got tired we turned his bed into a fire station with all his fire truck toys. He didn't fall asleep for a nap until about 3. He also got very excited about ordering a lunch tray for the first time, and got yogurt and juice. He actually ate the whole yogurt! We also increased his formula, but jumped to 7ml this time instead of right to 10ml an hour. His body seems to like the steroids, as he has been almost acting like his normal self since they started!

His kidney function levels had not jumped as high this time as they did last time we skipped a day of dialysis, but his weight increased a lot. His levels may increase again as they had to increase his CSA medication. We only ended up doing 3 hours of dialysis, and will do another 3 hours tomorrow. Then we will hopefully get to skip Wednesday!

Other than his kidneys, Raul is doing well! Still no vomiting or fevers. His Bilirubin is now down to 2.4. He will finish his initial 21 days of Defibrotide later this week, but they will keep him on it until he is discharged. His rash is still looking better. Dermatology came by and said the pathologist did see changes on the biopsy, but that it was not definitive for GVHD. Other pathologists will take a look before they say for sure. The derm. team was also looking though his meds. to see if any could have caused it. Tomorrow they will be drawing blood to check his engraftment, and we will get those results in a few days!

WBC: 3.6
ANC: 2.5

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