Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day +32

Raul slept well last night, and rested all day. He is still having high fevers and nausea, though the nausea may be a little better. He got dialysis in the afternoon, but they did not have to pull weight off as his weight was actually lower than it was when his dialysis finished two days ago. He got one nose bleed during dialysis, so they stopped the small amount of heparin that was going in, and another small nose bleed after. 

This morning we found out that Raul's viral test came back positive for CMV now. This is a virus that was dormant in his body before transplant, but was reactivated now that he is immunocompromised. The level was high enough that they will treat the virus. He will get an antiviral, as well as a dose of IVIG. There is a chance that his fevers are from the CMV, so hopefully they will resolve as his viral level goes down! 

I didn't take any pictures today, so here is one from last week when Raul got to go on a walk to the parking garage to check out the cars!

WBC: 5.8
ANC: 3.6

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