Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Days +56/+57

Yesterday Raul's temperature was very high, and stayed quite high even with tylenol. He got a chest CT in the afternoon, which did show some differences, so his antibiotics were changed. He is still needing the blow by oxygen intermittently, especially when sleeping. Yesterday we got him on his belly during PT and his oxygen sats went to 100 without blow by, which was great! Today we got him out of bed for a little while for more PT, though he spent most of today sleeping (4 hour naps in the morning and afternoon/evening). The lady who brings by books came today too, and Raul got several new books and a new teddy bear!

The past two days his diarrhea has been awful, and we tried a few creams/ointments with no luck. Yesterday we cut his feeds to 15, and then today we stopped them completely to give his GI tract some time to heal. They also finally agreed to give him a dose of immodium today and it seems to be helping, which is great! His vomiting has been a bit better the past few days, even when he was getting more formula. His bilirubin has been elevated again this week, but thankfully they don't believe it is the VOD returning. I knew last night that his level would be high today as his wound drainage was looking yellow again!

Amazingly, today he has not had as many high fevers, and even went below 100 for the first time in four or five days! I'm hoping that the new antibiotic is helping! He got platelets this morning, and blood during dialysis. Even though he got blood yesterday too, his hemoglobin actually dropped, we think due to hemolysis. They are running a few more tests to investigate that. He also had an echo done this afternoon, but I have not yet heard the results from that. 

Raul sometimes likes to sleep with things over his face...

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