Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day +37

Raul slept in a bit this morning, and woke up just in time to have his vitals and weight done before the teacher came. He did pretty well with school this morning, though insisted on eating a yogurt midway through (and another yogurt later in the day)! We have been having a LOT of issues getting his yogurt because of issues with his diet orders, but finally today it sounds like it has been resolved and we are free to order it whenever he wants it! He did not have a fever overnight, but spiked again this morning. We are going to try running his formula overnight during the time he is fever-free to try to get at least a little into him.

Today we saw the pulmonary doctor. They want to look further into whether the nodules they see in his lungs could be some type of fungal infection not covered by his Micafungin. They were going to go over all his info. again and then decide whether or not to do a bronchoscopy with lavage to try to identify if there is a specific baceria/fungus/virus. The other thing we are still considering is GVHD of the GI tract, which we may look for if he goes to the OR for the bronchoscopy.

Despite having a 105 fever in the middle of the day, Raul had a pretty good day! He cooperated for school in the morning and OT in the afternoon. For OT he got to play with magnatiles, where he built/demolished houses, did a magnetic puzzle, and sat on a plasma car. During his central line dressing change he sung the nursing aide a verse of the wheels on the bus, and then when the BMT team came in for rounds he sung it again and they danced along for him!

WBC: 5.3
ANC: 3.3

Building his masterpiece

After he started demolishing it, then they all had to use their fire hoses to put out the fire

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