Monday, November 16, 2015

Day +41

Today wasn't too eventful, which was good! We did four hours of dialysis to see if we might be able to skip Wednesday. He has been peeing pretty well, his weight hasn't been up, and his kidney labs have not been going quite as high. He got platelets this morning, and blood during dialysis. We are hoping to keep his hemoglobin up a bit, as the kidneys do better with a higher hemoglobin.

Raul is still having fevers, and still having nausea/vomiting. He will be having a GI scope tomorrow to see if they can identify any source for his GI issues. They were leaning towards keeping him NPO again today, but he talked them into letting him have just a few bites of yogurt (he will be NPO tomorrow again for the scopes). He is still feeling pretty crummy, and napped most of the afternoon.

WBC: 4.4
ANC: 3.1

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  1. Poor kiddo. I hope he's feeling better really soon! I've got to admit, though, Raul looks totally adorable in that hat. Hugs to you both! <3