Friday, November 6, 2015

Day +31

About 24 hours after stopping his steroids Raul started spiking fevers and gagging/vomiting again (last night). His temps since have been as high as 104. They restarted one antibiotic and restarted a second nausea medication as well. At this point they do not yet want to put him back on the steroids.

Because of the nausea, Raul had a really rough night last night. He was awake almost all night. Luckily he finally slept for two hours in the early morning, and did take a nap during the day. I am hoping that tonight will be better! 

Surprisingly, his kidneys actually had a good day! He peed almost as much today as he would have peed in a day before transplant. His weight has actually gone down quite a bit from last night to tonight (probably in part due to the fevers burning off some fluid). His BUN and creatinine are still pretty elevated, but we are happy he is peeing and not retaining fluid!

WBC: 4.3
ANC: 3.1

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