Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day +46/Day +47

Raul had three hours of dialysis yesterday, and got the day off today. We have been working on increasing his g-tube feeds by 5-10 a day, and he is now up to 30ml/hr. He had two fevers in the mid-104s yesterday, so they restarted his antibiotic, but will take it back off if the blood cultures come back negative. Today his highest has been in the 103s. His oxygen sats have been dipping, so we started blow by oxygen again, but he isn't needing much.

Raul had another bad nose bleed yesterday so got platelets. His nose bleeds quite a bit when he gets a nose bleed, so he always ends up throwing up a lot of the blood as well because it drips down his throat. So far today it hasn't bled at all! He slept in this morning until being woken up around 9:45, and then took a good nap this afternoon. He has mostly just wanted to rest the past couple days, but has also played his iPad a bit and watched several movies.

2.7 (11/21)
2.5 (11/22)
1.4 (11/21)
1.3 (11/22)

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