Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day +36

Raul got dialysis yesterday. His numbers had taken a bigger jump up, but they think that was because of how sick he was yesterday. His kidneys were also not happy, as expected, about the Celebrex and Vancomycin. He did get a second day of vanco, but they did not continue the Celebrex. We did 3 hours of dialysis, and did not have to pull any weight off him. The nephrology team came by right as dialysis was starting, so it was interesting because I got to hear the attending explain dialysis and how the machine/process works to the fellow/residents/etc.

Infectious Disease was consulted because of his fevers, but they did not see any obvious reasons. Their suggestion was to do a bronchoscopy if the fevers continue. The eye doctor also came by last night, as CMV can affect the eyes. Raul was not a fan of having his eyes dilated, but he did great, and the doctor said that his eyes looked great!

Raul still had fevers/nausea, but he was not quite as miserable as the day before. He sat up and talked more, and even did PT in the evening. He went "fishing" and then played in his tent for a few minutes. It is hard to make him get up when he doesn't feel well, but he needs to keep up his strength for when he is feeling better! After spiking a second 104+ fever and vomiting quite a bit, Raul ended up sleeping pretty well through the night!

WBC: 7.7
ANC: 4.4

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