Friday, November 13, 2015

Day +38

This morning when we woke up we got the news that the culture from the 11th on the red lumen of Raul's Hickman line was positive for yeast. You don't want to mess around with yeast, so a plan was made to remove the line. Raul was also started on two new antifungals (unfortunately one is hard on the kidneys and the other hard on the liver). This afternoon the line was removed, and amazingly, they were able to get a PICC line in the small strip of good skin on his upper arm! He will get another Hickman placed when we are sure the fungus has cleared.

Raul had dialysis this morning as well, and will again tomorrow since they do not work on Sundays. Unfortunately, with the new medications, there is a chance we will have to go back to daily dialysis temporarily. But right now it is most important to treat the fungal infection.

This afternoon his blood/urine also came back positive for BK virus, another that was dormant in his body, but not something we need to treat. Luckily all the tests on his stool have come back negative! We are going to try not feeding him any formula or food by mouth for about a day and a half to see if his diarrhea improves. If it doesn't, they will be more inclined to do a GI scope. The doctors decided to hold off on the bronchoscopy today as there was no guarantee it would give us the information we needed, and it was not worth risking any possible damage to his airway. 

WBC: 6.4
ANC: 3.3

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