Friday, September 23, 2011

Water Play

Sorry for not updating for a few days, things have been busy. I was discharged back on Wednesday after some IV hydration, rest, and testing. Those days were very hard for me, as I was not allowed to help with Raul's care, and could only be with him during the day (I had a room next door). It was especially hard the first night on the 8th floor as I had expected to be allowed to share a room with him like we had on the 9th floor, but we were not allowed to. That night he also had surgery at midnight to place a femoral line for access, and I was worried about not going down with him for that, but of course he did great! He had that line pulled after a few days, and has been on oral antibiotics since. After a few days of fevers, he has finally been fever free for two days. Now the only problem is that he is not tolerating his g-tube feeds. Ever since the high fever last Saturday, he has been throwing up a lot with feeds (sometimes just a bit, and sometimes the whole thing). We have slowed the feeds down, and put him back on continuous feeds overnight, but he is still having trouble. He also has some granulomas around his g-tube site, which look very sore. Luckily he is a trooper, and despite being cranky, has still been having fun playing. Tonight we did some water play, first in the sink and then in a bucket, and he had a lot of fun!


  1. I hope he'll be feeling better soon, poor little guy :( I'm happy he had fun with the water! My little guy loves bath time... or just splashing! xx

    (hope you're feeling well too!) :)

  2. The water play is s great idea. He looks like he is having fun!
    Can't wait to see if in real life.
    Miss you both,