Thursday, September 29, 2011


I haven't ventured out of our room to see if anyone else was sick, but last night I had either food poisoning or a stomach bug. I couldn't fall asleep, and I thought it was just because I had napped a bunch during the day, but then I started feeling sick, and around 2 started getting sick. I went back and forth between lying next to the toilet on the bathroom floor and in bed with a bucket. I tried to sip on water, but that was not a success. I was SO thirsty, but obviously guzzling water would not have worked since sipping didn't even work. Finally I fell asleep for a few hours, and am now feeling a bit better, but definitely low on fluids. I am going to try more water, then move on to gatorade and try to catch up. We had to cancel one of Raul's appointments for this morning, but we had just been there Tuesday luckily. I am thinking it was the food, as thankfully Raul didn't get this!

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