Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Sweet Message From Another EB Mommy


  1. Thank you so much for being such an amazing women and giving Raul the best possible care and being hope to his life. You truly are an amazing person. Tell Raul I said hi =]

  2. You are truly a hero....

  3. I'm a parent of a child with EB. You're doing the right thing. Not that you had to be convinced. :)

    Go forth and be awesome.


  4. You are an angel on earth! Bless you and Raul! He is adorable!

  5. Came over from Courtney's blog. Y'all are both heroes. Raul is so lucky to have your love and care. Best of wishes to you both.

  6. What an amazing journey you are on! Both you and Raul are so blessed that God chose for you to find each other. We were found too and I am forever in awe of God's timing in bringing us our little one. If someone had asked would I do what we (as my dh is just as hands on and in live with her as myself) are doing I probably would have laughed and said "too old". Anyways, we were chosen by God to care for a little one who happens to have quadriplegic CP - I am planning out our adoption announcements right now - life is truly an amazing journey and you are blessed at such a young age to totally get what life is truly about - keep doing what you are doing and you will truly live an enriched life.


  7. Hi Caroline,

    I hopped over from Courtney's blog. I have been lead to several EB blogs the last couple of years and I have to say EB has touched my heart in so many ways. Thank you for doing what you are doing- YOU are amazing.

    I live in Castle Rock, CO (20 minutes south of Denver) and would love to help you and support you and Raul in any way I can. If there is anything you need for yourself or Raul, of if you need company please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be honored to help you in any way that I can. You can contact me at or find me on Facebook at


  8. Hi Caroline (that's my oldest daughter's name,too!)

    I read Courtney's blog and just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you and Raul. You are truly doing God's work - thank you for taking care of this sweet angel!

    Love from TX,

  9. caroline,
    i just finished reading courtney's blog and have to say...."hero" describes you perfectly! young and devoting your life to these children. you are a true gift from God. i am praying for raul and yourself.
    God bless you!!
    much love to you both,

  10. Caroline - Thank you so much for your inspirational devotion to your precious Romanian Butterfly. I am in awe of you and all you've accomplished. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you for the future. You are in our prayers. Thank you for showing children God's love.
    God bless you.
    Love, Jen

  11. I read about this heart warming story too from
    Courtney's blog. God Bless you and the heart of
    Gold you have! Raul is a precious child with
    such a sweet smile. Thank You for being his lifeline.
    You are a true Hero in my eyes too!

  12. Courtney's blog sent me here as well, and I just wanted to add my own prayers and encouragement. :)

    Melissa :)

  13. God bless you - you truly are Jesus' hands and feet in caring for the ones the world calls the "least of these." Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so glad that Courtney told us about you. It makes the whole day better, hearing that someone like you is living in this world and reaching out in such magnificent ways.

    And Raul, you are a darling boy! Praying for you!!

    Cathy in Missouri

  14. God bless you,amazing little boy and God bless you, Caroline!
    Wow, what amazing stories.... I read your story from Courtney's blog and God has a special place for your little guys and you wonderful mothers. Truly, GOD BLESS YOU AND THOSE BEAUTIFUL BABIES....

  15. Along with everyone else I agree, YOU are an angel. I was in Romania at the Tutova clinic in 2004. So many children need people like you. What a lucky little boy to have found such an amazing selfless person! We are sending you both all our prayers and love! Thank you for the incredible example you are!

  16. You are an inspiration. And Raul is sooo sweet. Good luck to you both.

  17. Just came from Courtney's blog...and just wanted to say she described you perfectly! May God continue to bless your heart and Raul. You both will be in my prayers <3

    (from the Philippines)

  18. Came from Courtney's blog, and I sit here in awe of both of your strength and sacrifices. In our prayers!

  19. I've read your story tru Courtney's blog . You're so dedicated to Raul and that is so touching...!
    Prayers and thoughts are sent your way!

  20. You are truly an angel on earth. Thank-you for making this world a better place!

  21. You are beautiful and amazing and so are all the kids you care for!

    Alexandra in Australia

  22. Hi Caroline, it has been such a long time since we spoke. I miss our communications back and forth. You are doing such a fabulous job with Raul. What a lucky little guy he is to have you. Our little guy will be receiving hearing aids in 2 weeks and that will be a test for later placing cocklear implants. We pray that will be a success. He is doing great otherwise. I pray for you an Raul each day and and will continue. God Bless

  23. Hi.
    I just came from Courtney´s blog and i just want to say that you are doing an amazing thing.
    God bless

    From Sara and her family in Sweden

  24. i am a foster mama too...even though i have never jumped into something quite like you have. i know how much we love our foster babies though and I can see how much in love you are...i don't know you, but oh how proud i am of you.

    praying for your sweet boy

  25. Hi sister! So happy to discover you over at Courtney's blog- your lives are inspirational to say the least... Will be lifting up you and Raul as you battle this current bout.

    "Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the LORD!" Psalm 31:24

    Love, your sister in Christ, Katie

  26. Came from courtneys blog too and you truly are a hero! Raul is absolutely adorable!

  27. Sometimes we are sent Angels in disguise. I see two of them on this blog, Raul and you. I will pray for his health and happiness and for strength from our Lord for both of you. You are loved from here in New Orleans!! Debby