Saturday, September 24, 2011


Well we are doing better than we did last Saturday; we have made it back to the Ronald McDonald House! Raul spiked a temperature this morning, which was getting higher right before we left, but they gave him tylenol, so hopefully that will bring it back down! Raul was definitely nervous as we walked to the car, but that's not surprising given that he hasn't gone farther than the front of the hospital in two months! He cautiously observed others cars as we drove, and other kids as we were in the lobby of the RMH. He is now lying on a blanket on the floor playing with some of his toys he hasn't seen in a while, and trying to watch the TV up on the desk. He definitely misses the flat screen over his bed like in the hospital! We have traded in the mini princess pack n' play they gave us before for a bigger green one, as there was no way Raul was going to fit comfortably in the old one any more! Luckily they had a bigger one for us to use! We arrived to lots of packages waiting for us as well, which were fun to open. Now Raul looks like he is getting ready for a nap, so hopefully we can both have naptime soon!

And to all the hospital staff: thanks so much for caring for BOTH of us over the past two months. We appreciate all that you have done for us. You made being in the hospital for so long much more bearable! Please pass the blog along to others at the hospital who would be interested in keeping up with Raul :)

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  1. Are you in need of anything for yourself or Raul? Please let me know! I'm so happy you both have been discharged! xx

    rosyramblings at yahoo dot com