Monday, September 26, 2011


We had a nice night last night. Dinner was catered Indian food by a family from India who came to the Ronald McDonald House here, and eventually moved here because of their son's condition. We talked to the dad some, and also two families staying in the house. One of them had adorable identical twin boys, and the mom was having another baby this morning! We stayed at dinner talking to the other families pretty late. The Indian food was delicious, and a nice change. They also brought a whole table full of toys for the kids, and since we left at the end, they loaded Raul up with more toys! His favorite is a really soft bunny, and he has been snuggling with it a lot.

Only one scream-fest over night, luckily, but we still woke up to a puddle of poop, ugh. We skipped one feed yesterday as Raul was having a lot of tummy trouble, and we were hoping he would do better overnight without the dinner-time feed. Unfortunately, he has still been gagging a lot this morning, so I guess we will just stick to schedule! Doing his meds. is getting easier, though he hid his g-tube cream from us last night, and we still haven't found it! Luckily we had another tube from the hospital that we found this morning.

In a little while we are heading over to the hospital to take care of some business, and then this afternoon my dad is heading back to Boston.

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