Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day To Relax

Not much to report today, as we rested and slept most of the day after yesterday's excitement! I changed his bandages and his skin is actually looking really good, though he has been super itchy. Tonight we ate dinner with the other families with babies, and one six week old baby girl is home here for the first night, so that was exciting. When we were getting ice cream, I looked over at the table and Raul and the two year old girl that was sitting on my other side were holding hands; so cute! He is still definitely a little flirt! He is starting to try to say "hi" and "bye", though the two sound identical, but you can tell what he means. Another funny thing he has started is that he says "uh oh" when he poops haha.

What is Raul cuddling in his sleep, you might ask? Oh, just a Foley catheter; the boy loves his medical supplies!

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  1. Glad you had a much needed relaxing day; sounds way better than yesterday! That is really cute that Raul was holding hand with a little girl. He's very social.