Monday, September 26, 2011

New Friends

The customary RMH picture

I am going to try to do my new posts at night, as that just makes more sense haha, so here you go. We went to the hospital late this morning to work things out with the financial office. Things went smoothly; they had accidentally sent us bills before putting in that he had 100% charity care. After that we walked around the lobby a bit, and ate some ice cream. Walking out of the cafeteria we saw Robin, Raul's inpatient speech therapist. Of course he played shy and pretended he wasn't trying out new "words"! Then we headed to the grocery store to stock up before my dad left. My dad zoomed Raul down the aisles in the cart, which he thought was really fun. In the toy aisle I tried to hand him a tiara, and he made the funniest face I have seen him make (like, "are you crazy??"), so then I handed him some toy guns and he grinned. I don't know how he would even know which were "boy toys", but he is such a boy!

When we got back to RMH Raul played with my dad for a while, then when my dad left he took a nap. Tonight at dinner we met some of the other families with little kids. And a side note, the family we met last night had their baby this morning, and he is doing well! There are a bunch of kids around Raul's age, and their parents take them to play outside after dinner, and they invited us. Raul thought they were so cool running around the playground and riding tricycles, though we mostly hung out with a 4 month old baby while her mom chased her two year old. At the end one of the little girls was coming up and babbling Raul, and he was being a little flirt. Then he was watching two of the kids go down the slide, and laughing hysterically, but he didn't like doing it himself. All the kids went in around dark to get ready for bed, but I'm sure we will get a chance to play with them again. A few of the families will be here until at least late winter, so it was nice to meet other long term stay families!


  1. What a cute picture! That's funny about the face Raul made when you handed him the tiara...he's a quick learner! =)

  2. I am so glad you and Raul are connecting with some other families. That should make things easier for both of you! Hooray for being out of the hospital!

  3. Nina and I just saw the cute photo of you,Raul and Ronald.It<s so cute and Raul looks like a little boy. He certainly doesn't look like a baby any more! So glad that you are able to interact with other families. That must make life better for both of you. Much love, Grandma