Saturday, September 24, 2011

Too Cute Not To Share

I was looking back through my old pictures of Raul today, and wanted to post some more from when I first knew him (4-6 months old). Cute as always, and so tiny! At birth Raul weighed 5 pounds, and was 19 inches long; he is now 18.7 pounds and 31 inches! He still looks small, but has made huge strides over the last two years! I am glad to have gotten to spend time with Raul starting at such a young age, as it has helped me to understand him and his condition better.

If you haven't already, scroll down to see my post on our discharge today!


  1. I saw your blog from Courtney's blog... and I think you are so special. I can't imagine how difficult days are for that precious boy - and how wonderful they are now to have you there. God bless you!

  2. He is so, so, so cute! He reminds me of my Zayn with the dark hair and eyes! I can't imagine how hard it is for both of you, but I love that he has you! I wish I could scoop Raul up and hug him! xx