Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MN Update

On August 12th we got the news that the donor they contacted for Raul was willing to proceed, and the week of the 17th he had his physical exam! We are very grateful for the donor's willingness to proceed. Raul's donor is a 31 year old man in Europe. On August 28th we got word that the donor had passed their physical exam and had clearance to donate! They are scheduled for a collection date of 10/5, which means Raul's transplant would be 10/6!

Now that the donor has gotten clearance the hospital is working on setting up Raul's workup week. We do not have the schedule yet, but the hospital confirmed today that he will begin his outpatient appointments/tests on 9/14! That means that, if all continues to go as planned, we will leave for MN in 10 or 11 days!


  1. Wow, it's happening so fast! Lots of prayers going up for Raul, you, the medical team, and your family.